Yes, you read that headline right, it’s snowing heavy at the 2017 Roof of Africa hard enduro.

Mother Nature is puffing out her chest for this the 50th edition of the Roof of Africa with the expected forecast having delivered plenty of the white stuff.

And it wasn’t a simple flurry either, with organisers urgently having to delay the start of the Time Trial until Thursday afternoon.

Forecasts from Tuesday were reporting of heavy downfalls in the Eastern Cape and Lesotho region, right into the path of the Mother of Hard Enduro’s terrain.

And with altitudes passing the 2000 metre mark for Thursday, it was a 200mm white blanket at places like Bushmans Pass.

Whether the white stuff sticks remains to be seen, but it’s certainly shook things up for the Roof of Africa’s 50th year.

Who packed the thermals?!


Photo Credit: Peter Luck


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Robert Lynn
Enduro21 Editor