What’s in a rider’s kit bag? What secret or everyday products have they got stashed in there — one’s they’d never leave home without? Billy Bolt let us have a look in his…


Medical Tape

“Hand prep is important, so taping them up before races like Megawatt or Romaniacs is essential. I’ve got a good thick, wide roll of the stuff, which I can cut and mould into shape.”

Rice Cakes

“They are a good snack to eat on the go or between sessions. They taste a bit like dried cardboard, but get the job done. These are Tesco’s Finest.”

Canned Tuna

“Tuna never goes out of date. I’ve been carrying that since Romaniacs actually. I tried to eat one each day at the service checks. Just don’t forget a tin opener.”

First Aid Kit

“This is one of my essential pieces of kit to carry. It’s got everything I’d need to bodge me back together. Bandages, strapping, creams, medicine. When you’re at a race, especially in a foreign country, you don’t have time to go look for this stuff.”

Women’s Hygiene Pads

“This is an old school trick. You use them, in addition to the foam on your goggle, to absorb the sweat. It helps you get a bit longer and further without removing your goggles.”


“I never go anywhere without my phone. I need it, not just for updating social media, but checking the live timing during the race.”

Amino Energy Shake

“It’s basically an energy shake to help with recovery after a race and training.”



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Robert Lynn
Enduro21 Editor