Thabang Katees took part in the Motul Roof of Africa with the goal of finishing Silver class. Here’s how he got on…

It is one of the most gruelling and toughest races known to Enduro. Entries are dived into three classes of difficulty- Gold, Silver and Bronze where riders battle it out for days on end riding on a motorcycle through the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. 

Development rider, Thabang Katees (bLU cRU Yamaha Racing Team) who took part in the Silver class talks about what it takes to ride The Mother of Hard Enduro in a one on one.

What were the physical demands of the race? 

The race requires one to be physically strong. You have to lift your bike up hills and across rivers. Core strength was also vital because of the steep inclines you have to get up. An advance level of cardiovascular fitness is also required.

How did you train for the race?

I went to different riding tracks and trained with more advance riders to sharpen my skills and better my endurance.  I also spent many hours each day in the gym, doing CrossFit and cycling. My eating programme and nutritional products of choice, Herbalife, also played a big part in preparing my body for the physical demands of the race. 

How did you mentally prepare for the race? 

I watched previous races and envisioned how I would take the routes. I also got a lot of rest closer to the race. 

What was the terrain and weather like?

The terrain was rocky and steep, with challenging inclines and declines. I enjoyed the snow at the beginning of the race, it was great weather for endurance riding. 

Will you take part next year, and what are your goals? 

Yes, and my goals are to race in the Gold class and finish stronger than I did in 2017.

What would you change in your training before Motul Roof of Africa 2018?

I would like to go Lesotho more often ahead of the race for training and ride more with professional riders to learn from them. 

Why did you choose the Motul Roof of Africa specifically to take part in? 

Because it’s one of the toughest Enduro events in the world. It tests my limits, fitness and riding ability to the utmost and the experience is invaluable. 

What does it take to complete the Motul Roof of Africa? 

It takes allot of discipline and commitment especially when it comes to training and nutrition. 

Which of your competitors did you look up to at this year’s event as a development rider and why?

Blake Gutzeit, because his accomplishments in the sport inspires me and he always motivates at races.