Graham Jarvis, Wade Young, Paul Bolton and Matt Phillips are set to race a new Italian Hard Enduro, the Imperium Hard Enduro.

ImperiumXenduro runs in the Parmesan region of Italy, April 13-15 not just for riders but for families and friends to “enjoy the best Italian food.” Sounds good to us.

Imperium Event Summary:

Super Enduro on the Friday with man-made obstacles “accessible for every rider.”

Hard Enduro Saturday with three 48km laps of increasing difficulty.

Endurcross on the Sunday promises 20min hard enduro loop, raced for two hours.

Free entries to woman and under-18 racers which organisers claim is a first to allow under-18 competitors in an event of this kind.



jon.pearson enduro21 april 2017

Jon Pearson
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