Mario Roman has won the first round of the new, Portuguese Hard Enduro Series in Valongo. 

The Valongo event, which saw 149 riders across five classes, ran a prologue before the main three hour race.

The PHES is aimed at preparing Portuguese riders for their annual main event – the Extreme Lagares in May.

Mario Roman ran out the winner and surely bagged some quality riding time on the same hills as riders will face at the World Enduro Super Series round one at Lagares in May.


Mario Roman Valongo PHES 2018 enduro21 840

Photo Credit: Pedro Meira

After the race Roman said: “It was a very good race, and good training for trials skills because of the course.

“My first lap was pretty easy because there were no riders on the track but the second, third and fourth laps was the most difficult part of the race really. I had to choose more difficult lines to get to the top of something because of the riders stuck on the lines.

“Despite that I was faster every lap and actually it was quite a long lap of around 50 minutes so a good challenge.”



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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Test Rider