Onboard footage from the five times Erzbergrodeo Hare Scramble winner, Taddy Blazusiak at the 2018 event. There are highs and the lows at this great event and this compelling footage shows the reality of Erzberg is the same for every rider. 

From leading at the start to crashing and almost retiring. Watch as Blazusiak at times makes mincemeat of the hazards and at others lands in struggle town. The Iron Giant takes no prisoners. 

There’s plenty of drama but equally there are long spells where Blazusiak is riding alone – man and machine against the mountain. It's a long one but worth it so get it on a big screen with the sound on…

Look out for:

  • 1m Taddy grabs the lead early on and makes the most of being ahead of the huge dust clouds to get away through the early check points. 
  • 23m new hill climb in the trees where Taddy loses the lead to Manuel Lettenbichler and Billy Bolt. The new hill section is incredibly difficult to read and is boxfresh so Taddy was the first to arrive and try to hit a good line. Who’d want to lead this event at this point?!
  • 35m When the severity of the hill catches even the best out. Crossing checkpoint is at the top of the hill but this is no mean hill and has claimed a few scalps. His bike crashes down. At the third attempt he nails it. 
  • 36m Gnarly new approach to ‘Machine’.
  • 49m Guest appearance from Enduro21’s Robert Lynn!
  • 52m Looks back to see Graham and lets him past to follow through the double-hard rock section.
  • 53m Random riders dawdling on the course get a shouting at!
  • 56m Crashes in super-slippery, off-cambered section which robs time and effort to get back on track. A minute later falls off on snow! The camera is not doing the severity of the hill any justice and at this point Taddy has taken a hit to the chest from his bars and also crushed his header pipe flat. 
  • 59m Stops for rest, takes water and talks with KTM team member.
  • 1h07m Service and stops to recover from crash which hit him in the chest. Replaces severely damaged exhaust pipe (no assistance allowed). 
  • 1h21m Resumes race but has to re-trace steps after a slight course deviation before the service.
  • 1h24m The infamous Carl’s Dinner and passes Josep Garcia and then a string of riders through the rocks. Taddy had dropped lots of places before this but makes up the numbers in the is long, rock garden.
  • 1h44m Video runs out as Taddy re-enters Carl’s Dinner for a second run back through. Despite all the above, Blazusiak finishes in a remarkable eighth place.