The Red Bull Romaniacs Prologue is taking no prisoners with fresh ideas and yet more devious twists for this year’s annual spectacle on the streets of Sibiu. 

Creative and inventive obstacle building for hard enduro was born here on a main street in the Romanian city, which dishes up a dose of hard work for qualifying each year ahead of the main event. 

We’d love to have been a fly on the wall in the blue-sky meeting which came up with this stuff! 


2018 Romaniacs Prologue course highlights:

A standing start (run to your bike) kicks things off for obstacle one.


Romaniacs 2018 prologue section1 Enduro21 560


“Epic 15” is the long section four and will take some energy out of riders making it through to the multi-lap races after qualifying. A dose of water in the middle ain’t gonna help!


Romaniacs 2018 prologue section4 Enduro21 560


“Rompetrol” is number seven on the prologue and has just about every element from logs, tyres, rocks to the infamous sliding beam leading to a step-up for added spice this year.


Romaniacs 2018 prologue section7 Enduro21 560


Obstacle 10, “Force five” is a giant fan blowing hurricane winds at riders as the cross the balance beams and ramps. 


Romaniacs 2018 prologue section10 Enduro21 560


"Tower of Babel" is obstacle 12 with multiple routing and the added knee trembler aspect of height for the brave. There's an option for a bum whip on the way out too...


Romaniacs 2018 prologue section12 Enduro21 560


We can’t wait for it to kick off on July 24.

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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester