On the eve of the British round of the World Enduro Super Series, Enduro21 got the chance to catch up with Jonny Walker – one rider who sadly won’t be competing at the Hawkstone Park Cross Country due to recovering from the injuries he sustained at round five of the series, in Poland.

The good news is that Jonny’s on the mend. It’s going to be a few weeks yet before he can think about swinging a leg over a bike again, but since his Red Bull 111 Megawatt crash he’s been under the surgeon’s knife in both Poland and Spain and, with the help of a little metal work, is now ‘healing up’.

“Things are still sore, but they’re a lot better than they were,” explained Jonny. “In Poland it was about working out exactly what I’d done and stabilising those injuries. Then I went back to Spain and had a second surgery. I had the external fixator removed and a plate put into my arm. That and the operation to fix my hand went well, the surgeon was happy with how well it went. Now I have to rest and start my rehabilitation.”

jonny walker 1600 2

Leader of the World Enduro Super Series at the time of his crash, Jonny’s ‘off’ in Poland had an obviously disastrous impact on his championship hopes. “Things were going great into Poland, surgery was certainly never a part of the plan. The goal was to win Megawatt and try and keep building my championship lead. I feel like I was in a great place to win the title, but it’s racing, injuries are a part of it sometimes.”

“Right now I need to take things steady, and unfortunately I won’t be at Hawkstone Park this weekend. I have to take things step-by-step and build up movement and strength in my arms and hands once the bones are healed. It’s frustrating but the focus now is on getting 100% fit and ready to race again…”

jonny walker 1600

 Photo credit: Jonny Walker, Future7Media