The World Enduro Super Series heads to Sweden in a little over one week for the penultimate round of the 2018 season – the infamous Gotland Grand National.


Continuing the Cross-Country theme from round six, the WESS championship heads to its most northerly stop for Sweden’s most prestigious race, where up to 3000 riders are expected to compete.

Now entering its 35th edition, the small island of Gotland, situated in the Baltic Sea off Sweden’s east coast, will become a hub of Enduro activity and action during the final weekend of October.

A ‘must-do’ race on the Swedish Enduro calendar, the Gotland Grand National has all the traits of a hallmark race, with literally thousands of competitors flocking to the island each year. Earning its title as the world’s largest single day Enduro, a record-breaking 3,172 riders competed in 2016.


Gotland WESS Amateur start Enduro21 560


Situated on the Tolka military range, just south of Gotland’s capital Visby, the 22-kilometre long Cross-Country course weaves its way through a maze of Scandinavian forestry.

From typically Swedish rocky trails to technical, tree root covered forestry tracks, and with plenty of marshy wetlands in-between, the venue ensures a testing three-hour race for all competitors.

First held back in 1984, Per Grönberg first etched his name onto the winners list. Swedish legend Mats Nilsson entered the Gotland Grand National’s winners list back in 1997 and has since gone on to become the event’s most successful rider with eight victories. And by claiming a podium result in 2017, he is one rider who’s never to be counted out.


Gotland WESS Mudface Enduro21 560

Photo Credit: Nordic Sport & Event, Future7Media


Gotland Grand National Fast Facts:

GGN is the world’s largest single day Enduro race

2016 saw the largest recorded attendance with 3,172 competitors

The course is 22 kilometres long with a three-hour race distance for all classes

Swede Mats Nilsson is the event’s most successful rider with eight victories

Pela Renet has won the GGN four consecutive times from 2011-2014

Categories range from Youth to Elite, with a class for military bikes

Approximately 4000 hamburgers are served up during race weekend


Gotland Grand National 2017 Results:

  1. Kjetil Gundersen (NOR) 7 laps
  2. Albin Elowson (SWE) 6 laps
  3. Mats Nilsson (SWE) 6 laps
  4. Rikard Hansson (SWE) 6 laps
  5. Kevin Olsen (SWE) 6 laps

Gotland Grand National Winners:

2017 Kjetil Gundersen

2016 Kenneth Gundersen

2015 Josh Strang

2014 Pierre-Alexandre Renet

2013 Pierre-Alexandre Renet

2012 Pierre-Alexandre Renet

2011 Pierre-Alexandre Renet

2010 Mats Nilsson

2009 Mats Nilsson

2008 Mats Nilsson

2007 Mats Nilsson

2006 Mats Nilsson

2005 Samuli Aro

2004 Mats Nilsson

2003 Kenneth Gundersen

2002 Mats Nilsson

2001 Jonas Edberg

2000 Kenneth Gundersen

1999 Kenneth Gundersen

1998 Joakim Hedendahl

1997 Mats Nilsson

1996 Joakim Hedendahl

1995 Joakim Hedendahl

1994 Joakim Hedendahl

1993 Peter Hansson

1992 Joakim Hedendahl

1991 Joakim Hedendahl

1990 Dick Wicksell

1989 Peter Hansson

1988 Peter Hansson

1987 Thomas Gustavsson

1986 Peter Hansson

1985 Dick Wiksell

1984 Per Grönberg


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