Hard Enduro Series Germany dates fixed for 2019 with new tracks as the extreme enduro series expands its program for year two.


Just ahead of the final round for 2018 in Schwepnitz, the HardEnduroSeries Germany has released dates of the 2019 season. 

The calendar for the second year of this growing series will expand with new races, while keeping events from the 2018 season on the schedule. The seven planned rounds will take place between March and October.


HardEnduroSeries Germany dates 2019:

March/April TBA Neuhaus-Schierschnitz

May 18-19 Heaven or Hell Xtreme Enduro, Crimmitschau 

August 24 ESX, Neugattersleben

September 1 Hamma Enduro (new round)

September 15 MelzExdrähm, Meltewitz

October TBA Isegrim Enduro, Schwepnitz


"We want to announce our dates as early as possible, so everyone can plan early.” Says series organiser, Denis Günther. “The fact that the first dates are fixed before the final on Saturday (November 3) in Schwepnitz is good and the priority for us is that there is no overlap with the famous Extreme Enduro events throughout Europe in 2019." Adds Günther.


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Evening races alongside main events

Something new for 2019 is that at least two events will be hold evening races alongside the main event. Crimmitschau, for example, will have an Endurocross race alongside the main “Heaven or Hell Xtreme Enduro” which moves to Sunday. 

Organisers of the HET Reinsdorf race, which will take place on Saturday, will run an Endurocross starting in the evening after tha main event awards ceremony. 

After the summer break the MC Nienburg in Neugattersleben will get a second attempt at hosting the series after the race this year was cancelled due to the danger of a forest fire. The 2019 race will be held and they hope it will not be such a dry summer again! 

A week later, in Hamma, the HardEnduroSeries Germany will welcome a new round held on September 1. “We are happy to welcome the Southern Harz MSC to the HardEnduroSeries Germany.” Says Günther. “The club has a long tradition in the Enduro sport and already has big plans for that race weekend."

The MelzExdrähm round in mid-September is another traditional event which got many new fans in 2018 with an international flair added by Blake Gutzeit's guest ride (and win).

Neuhaus-Schierschnitz is expected to host the season opener in March / April with Schwepnitz again hosting the final round in October. Organisers are still planning at least one completely new venue, which will be announced shortly. Stay tuned.


More information: hardenduro-germany



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