Travis Teasedale signs Eurotek KTM deal to race WESS

Teasedale signs with Eurotek KTM team to race the World Enduro Super Series in 2019, along with the British Extreme Enduro Championship.


Extreme Enduro specialist, Travis Teasedale has been scooped-up by British-based race team Eurotek KTM for the 2019 season. The South African rider has made a name for himself racing big events like ErzbergRodeo and Romaniacs as well as the Roof of Africa (where he finished second in 2018) in his native continent. 

Teasedale has come from a factory ride (with Beta Racing), but it seems the chance to compete the full WESS championship and measure himself against the likes of Taddy Blazusiak, Billy Bolt and Jonny Walker was the carrot needed to jump onboard the good ship Eurotek. 

Speaking at round one of the British Extreme Championship, Travis explains the deal is all about giving him the chance to race in WESS: “Basically I got offered a good deal by Eurotek KTM to race the full WESS series. I raced a couple of the rounds in 2018 and really wanted to do the whole championship because obviously all the best riders are there. Eurotek have offered me a deal to do that which is really exciting.

“As part of the deal I will also race the British Extreme series (Travis finished fourth at round one, January 13). That’s five rounds here in Britain and eight WESS rounds in total.”

Like many of the South Africa riders competing in Europe, travelling backwards and forwards to home is part and parcel of a season’s racing. A busy calendar in 2019 will see Teasedale race back home for the PTA Racing Team who’ve supported him for many years but will mean he drops some of the non-championship races in Europe: “In South Africa I’m sponsored by PTA Racing Team so I will race WESS, these (British Extreme) races and fly back and forth to do national races back home with PTA.” Explains Teasedale.

“It’s quite a busy calendar with all the races and flying back to South Africa so we’ll concentrate on those and not do all the races I did last year.”


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Eurotek stepping up

As established team in the Extreme Enduro paddocks supporting riders and transporting bikes over many years to events like Romaniacs and Sea To Sky, as well as riding themselves, Eurotek have a lot of experience. 

After a season which more or less appeared to mean Teasedale was bringing his own crew to the races with little support compared to his rivals, jumping in the Eurotek team will make life easier and allow Travis to concentrate on the riding.

Eurotek KTM boss, Mark Jackson, says the deal is a great opportunity for the team and Teasedale: “Yeah, it is really good to have Travis onboard with Eurotek and we think we can give him everything he needs to compete to be a contender in WESS. We’re already committed to many of the events with riders and our support programme. 

“The deal is basically down to us but we are supported by KTM UK and it is with their help that we could put together a package for Travis. We’re looking forward to it!”

The next outing for Teasedale and Eurotek is the second British Extreme round of the 2019 season at Cowm Quarry, February 3. 


Photo Credit: Eurotek
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