2019 Red Bull Romaniacs daily route details – World War, Wolves and beheadings

The “Sweet 16” edition of the Red Bull Romaniacs set to serve up four days of gruesome history, WWI battle lines and established hard enduro hell for riders and spectators in 2019.


Forming round five of the World Enduro Super Series again this year, Red Bull Romaniacs is set to pitch riders at a typical Romaniacs mix of perfect and perilous hard enduro across the four days of competition. The daily route details feature some historical battle grounds and Romanian history lessons for the huge entry of riders across the four main classes.

A more spectator-friendly route this year will bring daily dose of difficult to those wanting to watch the event live. The 2019 edition will also loop out and return to the host city, Sibiu, each afternoon making things logistically easier for competitors.


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Prologue showpiece

As ever, Romaniacs 2019 begins with the prologue on July 30. Andy Fazekas is the mad mind behind this giant construction on the streets of Sibiu. Speaking about the course for this year, Andy is typically crpytic: “The starter for Sweet 16 will be a surprise – but one that will be rather easy to digest and delicious. We’ll make sure that it will actually meet the taste of a very broad range of riders.”

Days 1-4 are the main race days spreading out from Sibiu and this year again, returning back to the host city each night.  Organisers predict a well-balanced mix of tracks, some easier to digest and some which will put the riders to the test.


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Romaniacs 2019 race day plans (in the words of the organisers):

Race Day 1 – War Zone: We leave it up to your imagination to figure out what the name actually implies when it comes to riding the track. The track hits the frontline of the 1st World War every now and then and take you on trails which have been used by soldiers to transport their equipment to the military positions and trenches.

Race Day 2 – Decebal: This course will have historical flavours that we want to share with you: Decebal was the last King of Dacia - a historic region in Romania and he is famous for fighting the Romans. And if you ever wondered why the Red Bull Romaniacs logo looks the way it does: Now you know that it has the Dacian wolf in it. 

In 106 AD (!) Decebal was hunted down and finally cornered by Roman detachments seeking his head. Rather than being captured only to be exhibited and humiliated in Rome, Decebalus prefered to commit suicide. Along the track of Race Day 2 between Tilisca and Capalna we will get to see some remains of ancient buildings originating from those days almost 2,000 years ago.

Race Day 3 – Valachia: Valachia is a historical and geographical region of Romania. It is situated north of the Lower Danube and south of the Southern Carpathians. Martin, Teo and Mike Skinner found some really tasty ingredients for this course of the meal out there that will be new to even the seasoned Romaniacs gourmets!

Race Day 4 – Sibiu: Race Day 4 “Sibiu” will – yes, you’re right – end at the infamous hill climb in Gusterita but the track right before the finish line will be different and have some added spice if you compare it with the 2018 edition. The riders will have to climb a good 10,000m spread over the entire day in the vicinity of Sibiu and will face known signature sections such as Black Mamba, One Day Hill and Ottoman just to mention a few.

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The organizers have also announced the “Sweet 16” edition of Romaniacs will be more spectator friendly. Many of the famous and difficult sections worth visiting to follow the race have been designed and located to be more easily accessible for fans this year. Some of wild sections like “Damned Dam” and “Men Ridge” are new, plus other familiar sections will be part of the track so spectators can get a good mix of new and well-proven spots to enjoy.

We're looking forward to it!

More information: redbullromaniacs.com

Photo Credit: Future7Media/Andrea Belluschi/Robert Lynn
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