The 2019 British Extreme Enduro Championship picks back up for round two this weekend, March 3 with Jarvis, Walker, Bolton and Teasedale up for the win at Cown Quarry.


Jarvis was in fine form at round one in January, taking the win ahead of Jonny Walker and Paul Bolton with Travis Teasedale fourth and newly crowned SuperEnduro Junior World Champion, William Hoare in fifth.

This video recap is of the 2018 race won by eventual championship winner, Jonny Walker. The race was notable for two things – Graham Jarvis ran out of petrol close to the finish but more importantly the GOAT of Extreme Enduro bagged himself a rare holeshot in front of Walker, Billy Bolt, Bolton and the boys. Check it out…



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Jon Pearson
Enduro21 Editor and Bike Tester