Laia Sanz aiming to make history at ErzbergRodeo

Enduro Queen Laia Sanz aiming make history and become the first female finisher of the king of Hard Enduros, EzbergRodeo.


The biggest Hard Enduro event in the world, the ErzbergRodeo, will have another star rider taking part in 2019 as Laia Sanz attempts to become the first female finisher in the history of the iconic Austrian event. 

The multiple Trial and Enduro World Champion and most recently Queen of the Dakar, Laia Sanz, has formalised her entry for this year’s Blakläder Iron Road Prologue and Red Bull Hare Scramble in Eisenerz. 

Sanz competed last year’s prologue exhibition run, onboard her KTM 450 rally bike, which she claims grew her interest for the race. This year, 2019, Erzberg doesn’t clash with any round of the FIM Cross Country World Rallies Championship or any rally events the KTM Factory Rally Team is contesting, leaving the way clear for Sanz to attack the Iron Giant. 

Laia is not the first woman making an attempt to overcome the famous Austrian mountain and she stands a strong chance of achieving her goal to become the first female rider to reach the finish line. 

Other notable female riders include former SuperEnduro Women’s World Champion, Spanish ISDE team member and Women’s World Trial contender, Sandra Gomez who reached checkpoint 14 in 2017. 

Laia has considerable and impressive skills on Rally bikes, and clearly in Enduro and Trials given all her world titles, but Erzberg is one formidable opponent. Good luck to her and for sure she’ll be a rider on our watchlist. 

Photo Credit: Sebas Romero/ErzbergRodeo



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