Robert Scharl wins German Hard Enduro Series season opener

Four-way battle for the win sees Robert Scharl snatch 2019 German Hard Enduro Series round one win in Neuhaus-Schierschnitz. 


Growing in stature entering its second full season, the HardEnduroSeriesGermany (HESG), is proving a success among hard enduro fans across Germany and attracting riders from across Northern Europe. 

The MC Isolator Neuhaus-Schierschnitz set up a technical and demanding two-kilometre track that delivered good racing at the Enduropark Biene with a race format divided into Prologue, Group race and Final shoot-out.

Prologue win sets the scene for Scharl

Robert Scharl showed he was the man to beat as the first rider to take his run in the prologue he set a time no rider was able to beat. His clean run through the rock garden climb clearly making a difference and it proved to be decisive later in the main event. 

In the group races both X-Grip team-mates, Blake Gutzeit and Scharl, had a good battle but Gutzeit took the lead in the early stages. He managed to hold on to the first position for most of the race, but at about 10 minutes from the finish he had a technical issue that held him back to third. 


RobertScharl Foto DenisGuenther HESG 560


Drama in the final climb

In the final, the X-Grip team-mates continued their fight for the win, but they were joined by Leon Hentschel and Tim Apolle. With the final running to 10-laps, the four riders were exchanging the top positions during the beginning of the race.

Gutzeit managed to pull a slight gap until he failed to make it up the short ascent after a water obstacle and lost his advantage. In the final lap the same obstacle proved to be decisive again. Scharl was the only rider from the four to make it at the first attempt and took the lead 200 metres from the finish line. Hentschel and Apolle rounded the podium with Gutzeit fourth. 

“I trained more in winter than usual, I think it paid off the first time here. In the water basin I usually found a good line which helped me to win,” said Scharl.

 HESG rnd1 podium Foto DenisGuenther 560 Foto DenisGuenther

HESG round one final results:

HESG Rnd 1 Results 560


Next stop for the 2019 HESG will be May 19 at Crimmitschau.

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Photo credit: Denis Gunter
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