A new, five round Hard Enduro Championship in Peru, Zick Hard Enduro Series, set to bring hard enduro fans a new focus in South America.


Labelled the Zick Series, the five-date national series in Peru begins this month with events themed across the hard and extreme enduro disciplines: Extreme, Hard Enduro, Hare Scramble, EnduroCross and Cross Country events.


Zick Hard Enduro Series dates 2019:

Round 1 April 27 (Hard Enduro)

Round 2 May 25 (EnduroCross)

Round 3 June 15 (Hard Enduro)

Round 4 August 24 (X-Country Extreme)

Round 5 October 5 (Hare Scramble Extreme)


More information at the Zink Facebook page


If that wasn’t enough for you, here’s Mario Roman giving a two-stroke Sherco the beans on a beach at the El Inka Hard Enduro in Peru…




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Jon Pearson

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