Lettenbichler wins 2019 Machete Hard Enduro

Maiden victory for Manuel Lettenbichler at the Machete Hard Enduro ahead of Walker and Young – Jarvis retires from the lead with shoulder injury.


The German rider Manuel Lettenbichler has taken his first victory in the main Jungle Race at machete Hard Enduro in Dominican Republic ahead of Jonny Walker and Mario Roman.

In hot and humid conditions in the Dominican jungle and is the final champion of Machete Hard Endurom, Lettenbichler gapped Jonny Walker by more than 10 minutes by the finish. But it was victory which might not have been after Graham Jarvis, the race leader into the final lap, was forced to retire with a shoulder issue. 


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The race began with a neutralized start in the middle of Playa Dorada (Puerto Plata), where the riders headed out of town to the off road start. With a grid placed inside a river, riders took off for more than five hours on a circuit of 25 kilometres over four laps.

The river played the greatest role in the course with many dry sections for 18 kilometres in a track based close to the national park of Isabel de Torres. In fact it was Wade Young who took the early advantage from the start but a navigation error meant he skipped a checkpoint and was disqualified. 

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After that Manuel Lettenbichler took the lead until Graham Jarvis, who started in fifth position, overtook Letti with an impressive rhythm on his Husqvarna. Jarvis looked like the likely winner until the last pass through the assistance at the end of lap three when Jarvis could not continue due to a great pain in his shoulder – the G.O.A.T of hard enduro has nothing seriously damaged thankfully.

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That allowed Lettenbichler back into first position and to eventually take a win by more than 10 minutes over Jonny Walker. After a strong race in which a mechanical problem lost a lot of time for the Spaniard, Mario Roman came home in third.

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Organisers report more than 2,000 spectators on race day creating a Caribbean atmosphere which makes this event one of the most authentic in the international calendar. 

The organization is already preparing the 2020 edition.


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Photo Credit: Irina Gorodnyakova
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