Privateer World Enduro Super Series racer, Paul Bolton’s Nuts and Bolton’s VLOG episode one ahead of this weekend’s opening round in Portugal – not everything goes to plan!


Ready to run shoulder-to-shoulder with the factory riders and just days away from the first World Enduro Super Series (WESS) round at Extreme XL Lagares in Portugal, Paul’s last pre-season race went pear-shaped. 

An innocent “dab” of his left leg resulted in broken ligaments in his knee. It was a big setback in their hopes for this season that will see him missing, at least, the first two rounds. 

The risk of an injury is always there but to happen when Paul was finding himself “in the best shape of his life” is a bummer. See our separate story for more information on the injury.

Privateer racer Paul Bolton puts a strong program in preparation for this year’s WESS. Along with his wife they run their own show, prepping his own bikes, working their own sponsorship deals and planning the whole season’s travel across Europe. 

The ‘Nuts and Bolton’s’ series of Vlogs will come from every round and shine light on how a privateer lives and competes with the best in the WESS.