Video preview for the spectacular Extreme XL Lagares enduro this weekend, round one of the 2019 World Enduro Super Series in Portugal.


Starting this weekend with the Toyota Extreme XL Lagares, riders competing the 2019 World Enduro Super Series (WESS) face three races in just four weeks as they move from extreme enduro to classic French enduro at Trefle Lozerien and then onto the mighty ErzbergRodeo. 

Extreme XL Lagares kicks things off and is one of the hardest and most picturesque races of the championship, combining endurocross, urban and hard enduro action in just one racing weekend. 


The race is based in the northern part of Portugal, Lagares and Porto, and packed with slippery river beds, challenging climbs and gnarly man-made obstacles. 

The action will kick off on Friday with the night SuperEnduro where last year wet weather left the track in very slick conditions. 

Saturday is the day for one of the most epic prologues on the planet on the narrow and historic streets of Porto. 

Sunday sees riders go Hard Enduro mode on slippery riverbeds, water holes and challenging climbs and descents in the surrounding forestry. 

Stay tuned, we’ll have all the best coverage her on Enduro21.

Photo credit: Future7Media
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