Get onboard with Cody Webb on a hell of a hill at Endurofest 2019 – when the route is blocked with riders and rocks what are you gonna do?


This is one lesson in riding enduro up gnarly and rocky hills at the one of the toughest hard enduro on the US West Coast. 

Endurofest 2019 saw Cody Webb dominating the field this past Saturday, May 4 at Reno Tahoe and part of the AMA Nevada Extreme Off-Road Championship was also a qualifier for the Tennessee Knockout Extreme Enduro. 

The racing was divided into three races, the Baka Hard Enduro, Extreme Moto 1 and Extreme Moto 2. The Baka consisted in a three-mile extreme enduro loop that riders had to go through for two hours while the Extreme Moto 1 and 2 races featured a 1-mile-long course that riders had to tackle for 20 minutes. The Moto 2 race also ran the race course backwards. 

Cody Webb put a stellar ride and went to win every race at the Endurofest. The KTM rider gave no chance to his rivals and pulled out a clear win in all the three races achieving a total of 75 points. After him, Trystan Hart, had a consistent weekend finishing every race runner up to Cody and ended up Endurofest with a second place. Max Gerston made the third spot of the podium his and after stepping on it at every race but one he was third in the points also. 


Top 10 results from Endurofest 2019:

  1. Cody Webb 75 points
  2. Trystan Hart 66 points
  3. Max Gerston 58 points  
  4. Ty Tremaine 53 points
  5. Dustin McCarthy 49 points
  6. Mitch Carvolth 43 points
  7. Rich Larsen 39 points
  8. James Flynn 37 points
  9. Quinn Wentzel 36 points
  10. Will Riordan 36 points


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Igor Aguado
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