Take a video rewind back to the 2013 Erzbergrodeo where hard enduro master Graham Jarvis took his first win at the event in front of Andreas Lettenbichler and Alfredo Gomez.


As the infamous Erzbergrodeo arrives this weekend for it's 25th edition we take a history lesson look back to 2013 and one of the most brutal editions on the Iron Giant in history. If the track wasn’t hard enough the bad weather that hit the riders in 2013 made it a brutal race...

Erzbergrodeo 2013 in a nutshell:

  • Famously this was a year when it snowed on the prologue causing big trouble for riders aiming for a good run and secure a place in the 500 going through to the main event. 
  • Sunday´s Red Bull Hare Scramble was looking nuts. Thanks to the heavy rain that fell the previous days riders had to face a knee-deep water start.
  • The first row went out and bang, it was chaos. Race win favourites Jonny Walker, Dougie Lampkin, Paul Bolton and Lars Enöckl were among the many who went all out into the water and regretted it soon after.
  • Lars Enöckl, KTM test rider at that time, was the fastest man on the prologue but then was struck with bad luck during Sunday’s race when his bike got flooded at the start. By the time he got to check point six his bike had lost all the power and he was forced to retire.
  • Andreas Lettenbichler, on an Italian made Husqvarna, got the best start at the front row and set the pace as the early race leader. 
  • A second row start for Graham Jarvis seemed to benefit him. Having seen all the top guns flooding their bikes he took a different line and was quickly on the chase for the lead.
  • Karl´s Dinner proved to be decisive, like so many years. As Lettenbichler got there he was struggling to get through the wet rocks when Jarvis did his by now trademark assassin attack from behind and took the lead. 
  • From there Jarvis just rode his own race and went on to secure his first win at the event. He had arrived first to the finish line in previous editions but was disqualified for missing check points. 
  • 19 minutes behind Jarvis, Letti makes it to second for his 5th podium finish at the Erzbergrodeo.
  • Alfredo Gomez, in his first year racing Hard Enduro after stepping from trials, landed his Husaberg in the last spot on the podium – not his first major result at the Iron Giant.
  • Jonny Walker, who had won the event the previous year, had to recover from a disastrous start and could only get as high as fourth. 
  • Next three final positions, fifth, sixth and seventh, where all occupied by trials riders. Ben Hemingway, Dougie Lampkin and Taichi Tanaka proved once more that having a trials background is always handy in Hard Enduro.
  • Ivan Cervantes bucked that trials trend. The former Enduro World Champion, got his first taste at the Iron Giant and put himself in a meritorious final eighth position. 
  • Wade Young, who amazed everyone in 2012 after winning Roof of Africa at the age of 16, made his first appearance on the Erzbergrodeo and finished eleventh. 
  • Mario Roman, a traditional enduro racer at this stage in his career, was also testing himself at the Erzbergrodeo but the time limit run out for him as he just got through Dynamite, the penultimate checkpoint at that year. 
Photo credit: Future7Media
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