Video highlights from Gordexola Xtreme Enduro 2019 where Mario Roman took his fourth overall victory at the Spanish Hard Enduro.


Mario Roman took no prisoners in winning the 2019 Gordexola Xtreme ahead of Pol Tarres and Xavi Leon. Earning a fourth win at Gordexola in the Basque region of Spain, Roman had a determined Pol Tarres was trying to hunt down on the first lap but upped his pace for the second lap to finish 17 minutes ahead. After missing last year’s race, Xavi Leon returned to Gordexola Xtreme to secure himself the last podium spot. 

Roman began the three-day event with the win on the Friday night prologue. In Saturday’s classic enduro race, 45km loop completed three times, posting consistant lap times and finished 10 minutes ahead of Tarres. Xavi Leon maintained a tight duel with Alex Hidalgo for the third place but finally Leon secured the last podium sport by ten seconds.  

In Sunday’s Super Final, Roman made few mistakes and rode at a level above his opponents to cross the finish with a clear advantage from Tarres. 

From the 50 riders starting on Sunday only seven managed to finish the two laps in the five-hour limit. 

Gordexola Xtreme 2019 Super Final classification:

  1. Mario Roman 4:00:20
  2. Pol Tarres 4:17:56
  3. Xavi Leon 4:21:09
  4. Alex Hidalgo 4:26:07
  5. Josu Artola 4:32:08
  6. Unai Beristain 4:38:53
  7. Markos Beraza 5:03:29


Video Credit: Jaume Soler Movies 
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