Hidaka Rocks Extreme Enduro 2019 – Japan’s Erzberg

Round four of the Japanese Hard Enduro Championship 2019 hits Hidaka Rocks Extreme Enduro for an oriental taste of Erzbergrodeo.


Based in Hidaka Hokkaido, Japan, the second edition of Hidaka Rocks Extreme Enduro took place on northern island of Japan on August 10-11. 

The race format is similar to some of the world’s biggest extreme enduros but with two different types of timed qualification: firstly an Iron road prologue with five kilometres of high-speed track. The second is a SuperEnduro-style blast much like the Friday night Super Test at EnduroGPs.

Hidaka Rocks 2019 prologue 560

The main event on Sunday is very much a 'Hard Enduro' as we know and love with a “Hare Scramble” format like Erzbergrodeo. 

The course totals 12km in length with five check points named Rock Garden, Pipe Line, Forest, Dragon and Dynamite.

Hidaka Rocks 2019 stream 560

90 riders gathered from all over Japan this year for Hidaka Rocks and included six females. Not unusually it was raining for race weekend at Hidaka Rocks but the small amount of wet stuff was a benefit for the riders in humid Japanese mid-summer.

Hidaka Rocks 2019 superenduro 560

Finally, a total of 23 riders passed under the finish gate standing on top of the Iron mine mountain in typical extreme enduro style. 

Hidaka Rocks finish 2019 560

The overall winner was Takatoshi Fujita who took a rare victory for the KTM Freeride which suited the trials-like terrain. Bikes were mixed through the leader board however with Yukinori Izutani piloting a GAS GAS EC300 to second place ahead of Taku Izumi on a Beta RR 350 four stroke. 

“I love this race format,” said Takatoshi Fujita after his victory. “It requires not only trials technique but we need more speed on various tracks. I think it’s a Real Hard Enduro!”

Result Hidaka Rocks Extreme Enduro 2019

Pro class:

  1. Takatoshi Fujita, KTM FREERIDE
  2. Izutani Yukinori, GASGAS EC300
  3. Izumi Taku, Beta RR 4T350
  4. Oonishi Minoru, Yamaha YZ250X
  5. Iida Akihisa, Husqvarna TE250
  6. Kimura Tsukasa, Honda CRF250RX

Women's class:

  1. Iida Keikom Husqvarna TE125
  2. Fukuda Masami, Husqvarna TE250i
  3. Hyakutake Ikumi, Husqvarna TE250i


Video highlights showing the Hidaka Rocks Extreme main event:


Photo Credit: Shingo Sugai/ENDURO J/Off1jp
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