Leon Hentschel has won the 2019 German Hard Enduro Series championship at the final round in Schwepnitz where Kevin Gallas took the race win.


HardEnduro Series reached its Grande Finale in East Saxony at the weekend with the Quadpoint Schwepnitz organising club putting on a great event for 2000 spectators.

New obstacles and changed track greeted riders taking on the X-Grip Prolog to decide starting order and it was champion elect Leon Hentschel who finished ahead of Robert Scharl who secured the Prolog Champion award. Third went to Kevin Gallas, who made a mistake and lost some time on his lap.

Tough results in group races

Normally the group races serve more or less to determine the starting grid for the final but the 10 minute lap proved difficult with sandy climbs and technical sections causing havoc. The already crowned Junior champion, Lucas Müller, crashed and damaged his bike and only got going back into the race with one lap down. 

Marcel Teucher wasn’t so lucky however after finding a fuel pump problem on the far side of the track, a repair was not possible and he had to watch Team Sturm win the title in the DG Design Team Award without a fight.

Action HESG 2019 560

Gallas wins main event while Hentschel crowned HESG Champion

In front of 2000 spectators, the final race of the 2019 season started punctually at 17.30 with the view to ending in the darkness and a special feeling among the light balloons erected by the fire brigades from the surrounding villages.

Gallas started from the second row and came through to finish the first lap as the leader. Gallas proceeded to get through the slow riders well on the following laps, while Hentschel and Scharl had to fight with the championship still up for grabs. 

The crucial scene of the year was in the river ditch which was christened the river by the club. Scharl got stuck at the exit, Hentschel used the outer lane and overtook his rival. Since both were only one point apart, Hentschel’s pass meant he took the points lead and celebrated as the second champion in the history of the HardEnduroSeries Germany.

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Isegrim Enduro Schwepnitz 2019 results:

  1. Kevin Gallas, 11 laps, 57:35,98
  2. Leon Hentchel, 11 laps, 58:22,6
  3. Robert Scharl, 11 laps, 59:32,16
  4. Mirko Fabera, 11 laps, 1:02:46,74
  5. Luca Muller, 10 laps, 58:08,77

Kevin Gallas won the day and received a special giant wolf trophy from the organising club. Typical Quadpoint Schwepnitz club by all accounts and who will now look forward to hosting the finals of the HardEnduroSeries Germany in 2020 on an even more demanding track.


More information: HardEnduro-Germany.de  

Photo Credit: TK420/Toni Keller
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