5 Minutes with Mario Roman – GetzenRodeo, plans for 2020 and Cody Webb in the team

Five minutes catch-up with Sherco’s Mario Roman who talks GetzenRodeo, his otherwise stellar 2019 season and what it means having Cody Webb in the Sherco family. 


You’d think after a tough season and a brutally hard GetzenRodeo round of WESS last weekend, Mario Roman would be taking it easy. Not a chance.

After a stellar 2019 which has seen him only missed the podium twice to date and despite not having compete in every WESS race still finished the championship eighth overall. 

We caught with Roman at the Sherco stand in EICMA Motorcycle Expo to know what his future plans are and what it means to have Cody Webb in the team. 

Mario, GetzenRodeo looked like hard work! Did you have a problem in the morning’s qualification, what happened?

Mario Roman: “I had a small issue with my bike because my mechanic made a small mistake and I had to return to the pits for 20 minutes to repair it, I was in the lead when that happened and feeling really confident. I kind of lost a chance of a top result there, the problem was not in the final but it was a shame this happened.

“Then I entered the final and my starting position wasn’t great and with a track like this one, where there is only one line, it’s difficult to pass, as soon as I was on the first uphill there was traffic there and I lost to much time with the lead. It makes quite a different race if you are there not at the front in a race like this. 

“Then I crashed on one step and Manni lapped me and it was really tough to keep going after that moment. It wasn’t the best result but I feel that luck and the starting position play a big part in this kind of races.”

“Anyway, I’ve had an almost perfect season to date with all podium finishes except in Romaniacs and GetzenRodeo so I’m very happy.”

mario.roman Wess 2019 Rnd3 ErzbergRodeo 560

What’s next on your plans?

“Now after Milan I going to South America where I’ll spend three weeks in Ecuador doing two small races and I’ll be organizing one of them together with Sherco Ecuador, the Titan Ecuador. I’m trying to get everything started and bring some Pro riders, it’s going to be a new challenge for me.”

Wait, you’re organizing a race?

“Yes, it’s the first time for me but I’m really motivated for it. I’ll have my own race like Taddy has the 111 Megawatt, it’s a nice thing to have your own race.” 

Any more plans in South America? You have a strong fan base there...

“I’ll go to the Dominican Republic afterwards to do the Navidad al Monte (Christmas in the Hills) where we’ll be 100 riders going out for fun, not racing. I’m traveling to Peru also for a small race in the jungle so until Christmas I’ll be super busy.”

 mario.roman Wess 2019 Rnd4 Hixpania 560

What are your plans for next year? Do you have the same program as this year? 

“I think it’ll be more or less the same, I have to talk with my manager at Sherco and make the full schedule but the plan is to make the WESS extreme races, not the full championship, and some other extreme races like Alestrem, Hell’s Gate. . .I’m 90% sure that Hell’s Gate will happen and if it does it’ll be included in our program.”

“I’ll go the States to race the TKO once more as it is a part of the WESS season next year, which is amazing. I’ll probably do the Revlimiter also but it’s not clear at the moment.”

“I’ll obviously be back at Lagares next year and I’ll race the full Portuguese Hard Enduro Series also because it’s a perfect training ground for the start of the season, it helps me arrive at Lagares fully prepped.”

And also now you have a new member in the Sherco family, how do you feel about having Cody Webb on the Sherco team?

“I’m super happy with him being part of the team, he’s a great guy and a great rider so I think he’ll make the perfect teammate. It’ll also give more visibility to the brand and the team is going to be stronger with him. Sherco is going to be a much powerful team next year with Cody, Wade and myself.”


Photo Credit: Future7Media/Andrea Belluschi
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