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Australian Hard Enduro: Wildwood Extreme joins the 2020 Grassroots Enduro Championship

Australian Extreme Enduro Championship grows to six rounds in 2020 with Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro joining the Grassroots Enduro series.


Hard Enduro in Australia has been growing year on year and with the 2019 Grassroots Enduro Australia series finally a ‘championship’ has been cemented. Grassroots Enduro guys have announced that the infamous Wildwood Extreme Enduro will form the sixth and final round of the series in 2020.

In 2019 Grassroots Enduro held four events that started with the Kosciusko Killer, The Echo Express, Insane Ride followed by the Murrumbidgee Rumble with all four events proving to be very popular.

The already established Insane Ride in Tasmania added value to the Grassroots Enduro Australia “brand” and contributed towards the series’ growing reputation. In 2020 that reputation looks set to grow further:

“We are bloody proud and excited to announce that another premium hard enduro race, Wildwood Rock Extreme, is also joining forces with the Grassroots Hard Enduro series for 2020 and beyond.” Explains Steve Braszell. “Wildwood Rock Extreme Enduro will strengthen the series further and add great value for our riders as our final round in November 2020.”

Grassroots Enduro Australia Wildwood Extreme 2020 560

2020 Grassroots Australian Extreme Enduro calendar:

Round 1 March 14/15, Tenterfield, NSW

Round 2: April 18/19, Corryong, Victoria

Round 3: June 27/28, Poatina, Tasmania

Round 4: August 22/23, Goolgowie, NSW

Round 5: September 12/13, Mount Perry, QLD

Round 6: November 8, Wildwood Victoria

Registrations open for round one at Tenterfield NSW in mid-January.

More information: GrassrootsEnduro.com.au 

Photo Credit: Grassroots Enduro
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