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First look: New Boano Beta Suspension Enduro Linkage Protector

New Boano Beta Extreme suspension linkage protector for all RR and X-Trainer Beta Enduro models.


Beta Boano, the Italian specialists and World Enduro Championship winning team with Bradley Freeman, have added a new suspension linkage protector to their extensive race parts catalogue.

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How cool does it look? Designed with the idea of protecting the suspension linkage and bottom of the shock against impacts when riding over obstacles, Boano say the design also helps you to slide over logs and such when you sump-out.

Machined from solid 7075 aluminium alloy, the new ‘Extreme’ linkage protector is the same measurements as the standard linkage parts so a direct, like-for-like fitment. The plastic underbelly to the linkage is replaceable for just under €20 (with four new bolts). 

Boano linkage protector on bike 2 560

The protector is designed to fit the full Beta RR and X-Trainer range and quite obviously it would be just as useful for whatever type of enduro and off road riding you’re doing. 

Boano Racing have a strong range of self-manufactured products for enduro and rally models. Like all of them, this new linkage protector is developed in-house with Boano test riders putting their experience and riding hours on the part before it is released for sale. 

Boano linkage protector2 560

As an idea and on looks alone it pricked our ears up and it should prove pretty popular with all the extreme and hard enduro riders out there. 

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Cost: €219.02 (replacement plastic part €19.90)

More information: BetaBoano.com 

Photo Credit: Beta Boano
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