The French Ales Trem is the new “must do” race on the extreme enduro calendar. It caught our attention in 2015 with its first edition. A good first attempt but had it’s flaws. Twelve months on and it’s now worthy of standing shoulder to shoulder with the top tier events of extreme. This one’s here to stay…


paddock ales trem 2016 7M 3031 1080

For 2016, organisers moved the paddock from Ales town centre up to the nearby Pole Mecanique race circuit to accommodate the bumper 400-plus entry. Hard standing and top notch facilities were very welcomed.


pylon ales trem 2016 MG 1607 1080

alexandre.queyreyre ales trem 2016 7M 4160 1080

action ales trem 2016 MG 1584 1080

Saturday morning got things underway with a 10-minute enduro loop around the Pole Mecanique facility.


jonny.walker ales trem 2016 7M 3068 1080

Saturday’s morning qualifier marked Walker’s only defeat at Ales. With Wade Young laying down a scorcher of a time, he had to play second fiddle to the South African.


julien.gauthier ales trem 2016 7M 3427 1080

Julien Gauthier was the best placed Frenchman in sixth. He looked good all weekend, running as high as third early on in Sunday’s main race.


action ales trem 2016 MG 1584 1200

Overnight rain didn’t help. Greasy and slimy underfoot, the snotty downhills and logs claimed their fair share of victims.


action ales trem 2016 7M 3704 4 1200

prologue ales trem 2016 MG 1746 1080

Making use of the town’s car park, the Prologue was rammed with spectators checking out the action all evening.


lights ales trem 2016 7M 3934 1080

action ales trem 2016 7M 3952 1080

This set of tyre whoops caused some serious grief for the majority of competitors. Hitting it right off the start, it quickly became gridlocked with fallen riders and bikes. And as the more people fell, the more mud, water and fuel got carried across the section making it slippy like ice.


graham.jarvis ales trem 2016 7M 3959 1080

A few mistakes cost Graham Jarvis any chance of getting closer to the SuperFinal podium than seventh.


action ales trem 2016 7M 3987 1080

If you didn’t bring you’re own set of lights for the night time finals, you were literally left in the dark. Adding to challenge, there was no external flood lights brought in to guide the way. 


mario.roman ales trem 2016 7M 4008 1080

Mario Roman put in an impressive ride to split Walker and Young for second in the SuperFinal.


action ales trem 2016 7M 3704 2 1200

start ales trem 2016 7M 4173 1080

There’s nothing like stretching your legs before a six-hour plus ride. A Le Mans start, in groups of 10, got everyone warmed up before the off.


wade.young ales trem 2016 MG 1818 1080

Wade Young was fastest on his feet and grabbed the holeshot. Walker and Jarvis both made the rookie mistake of reaching for the electric start and not the kickstart and missed the jump when their bikes failed to fire first time in the frosty cold conditions.


jonny.walker ales trem 2016 7M 4445 1080

action ales trem 2016 7M 4590 1080

With each passing lap for Sunday’s main event, the difficulty level increased. Some sections were also marked No Help Zones, meaning a bit of teamwork was essential to getting through it.


action ales trem 2016 7M 4533 1080

Steeper than it looks, it wasn’t until you dropped into the section that you saw why riders were getting stopped in their tracks.


50cc ales trem 2016 7M 3045 1080

We noticed a few 50cc enduro bikes out there too. Riders as young as 14 years old got in on the extreme action in Ales, which was great to see.


wade young ales trem 2016 MG 1584 1200

Making his official Sherco debut, Wade Young was on a bit of a mission in Ales. Highly motivated for 2016, Young has upped his game. Looking fast, confident and comfortable on his new steed, it’s going to be interesting to see how much stronger he can get with more seat time.


alfredo.gomez ales trem 2016 7M 4421 1080

mario.roman ales trem 2016 7M 4501 1080

Some of the climbs out in the hills were seriously slippy. When the majority of the world’s best extreme riders are working up a sweat then you know it’s tough. Mario grabs a breather.


action ales trem 2016 7M 3704 3 1200

jonny.walker ales trem 2016 7M 4453 1080

During the first two laps, Walker and Young were neck and neck. But as the difficulty level increased, Walker picked up his pace and pulled away. By the time they crossed the finish line at the end of lap three, he was seven minutes clear.


graham.jarvis ales trem 2016 7M 4356 1080

If anyone felt Ales Trem was easy in 2015, they weren’t saying it was easy in 2016. Graham Jarvis compared it to the same toughness as Hell’s Gate.


jonny.walker ales trem 2016 7M 4606 1080

Despite stepping out of his SuperEnduro schedule to compete, Walker was all smiles climbing onto the podium. And rightly so. Claiming first blood at the first major extreme enduro of the year where all the top dogs came out to play, Walker has got to be feeling good about his 2016 prospects outdoors.


podium ales trem 2016 7M 4608 1080


Photos: Robert Lynn/Future7Media