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Halfway into the opening day of competition at the International Six Days Enduro and Australia’s hopes of defending their title are severely dented.

On the first special test of lap two, World Trophy team member Josh Strang crashed out with suspected broken right ankle.

It’s unlikely that he’ll be able to continue in the competition.

With all four trophy riders counting each day, this obviously comes as a severe blow to Australia’s hopes of making it two wins in a row.

The FIM ISDE rulebook (30 April 2016) states all riders must finish each day and in the event of a retirement a three-hour penalty is attached to each day of competition remaining…



“During each competition day, the 4 results are considered for the FIM World Trophy Team, the 3 results are considered for the FIM Junior Trophy, and

the best 2 out of 3 results are considered for the FIM Women’s World Trophy.

“The scoring for the FIM World Trophy Team will be done by adding together the scores of the four riders. If a FIM Trophy rider retires, from the day of his retirement, his team will be penalised 3 hours for each consecutive day.

“The scoring for the FIM Junior World Trophy team will use the above system.

“The scoring for the FIM Women’s World Trophy team will take into account the three original riders and counting the two best riders’ scores, etc.”


So while currently out of the reckoning, Australia’s hopes maybe reignited if other teams also suffer retirements. 

And in an event like the ISDE, that’s extremely possible.

Stay tuned for further updates…

The guys at Sweden’s Race Magazine caught the moment:


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