ISDE Club Team Focus 1200

Photo Credit: Igor Aguada

The ISDE is not just about the Trophy teams battling for overall victory, it’s the hundreds of Club team riders competing that make the race so special.

Competing for the love of enduro, with the end of goal of simply reaching the finish line, for many the ISDE is a ‘must-do’ race. A year’s worth of savings, training and time goes into making the dream possible.

For this ISDE Focus we speak with Spain’s AC Baldrich Enduro Team…

Enduro in Spain has always been a popular, well followed sport. The number of club riders competing in the ISDE in Brive is a perfect example of this. 

One such team is the AC Baldrich Enduro Team, a team formed by three friends that decided to take the brave step and race internationally. 

After a year preparing the project, the guys from Igualada have managed to accomplish their dream of racing the Six Days. 

They come for the fun and for the experience of racing against people from all around the world. 

Toni Casals is the guy who embodies this feeling most. After quitting racing for almost ten years, he has returned just for the ISDE. 

“My nephew took part in the race last year in Navarra, Spain and after hearing him all the year saying that I should do it, here I am,” told Casals. 

While not having a perfect start to his week in France — he ran out of fuel and had to push his bike to the finish on day one — you could still see the smile in his face.

The other two members of the team, Jordi Balcells and Àlex Guerra, didn’t have such bad luck but they had to give 100 per cent not to pick any penalty time. 

They both agree that the track was already destroyed by the time they got to pass but that didn’t stop them from having ‘one of the best days in their racing career’. 

After finishing day one with a plate of macaroni prepared by their friend Pantxo, they were ready for some sleep and some more throttle twisting tomorrow. 



igor aguada 2017 

Igor Aguada
Staff Writer