The ISDE is not just about the Trophy teams battling for overall victory, it’s the hundreds of Club team riders competing that make the race so special.

Competing for the love of enduro, with the end of goal of simply reaching the finish line, for many the ISDE is a ‘must-do’ race. A year’s worth of savings, training and time goes into making the dream possible.

For this ISDE Focus we speak with MCC Wales Club Team…

The guys from Wales have come up with a strong ISDE Club team this year. 

Three experienced riders — Jason Thomas, Jamie Lewis and Tom Sagar — guided by their manager Neville King, who is attending his 28th ISDE, form the team. 

A definite strong candidate to take the trophy home, the trio hold third overall at the end of day two. 

After finding it too difficult to get a place in the British World Trophy team, they decided to come to the ISDE to represent their home country. 

Thanks to their sponsor and some fundraising they were able to come to France and race the international event once again. 

“This is the first time for me as manager, but I have attended the last 28 Six days, so I guess I can guide the guys through quite well,” affirms Neville King. 

Jamie Lewis and Tom Sagar are former European Enduro Championship racers and used to race in World Championship but quit after not feeling comfortable with the path that it has taken. 

Jason Thomas on the other hand races GNCC in America and is a former two-time champion there. 

It was a hard opening day for them, “starting back is not easy but we set some good times in the special tests and so we were much improved on day two.” 

They all agree that ‘racing for a club team is more relaxed that riding on the World Trophy team.

“We are here for the good times and if we have the chance to bring the trophy home we will fight for it,” tells King.

 “Next year we are definitely going to Chile. I raced there in 2007 and it has been one of my favourites ISDE races.” says Tom Sagar with 10 participations in the ISDE in his pocket. 

Team Wales sit third overall behind France’s Auvergne Elite and Italy at the end of day two.



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Igor Aguado
Staff Writer