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Photo Credit: Jonty Edmunds/Future7Media

Loic Larrieu may have been top dog at the ISDE claiming the overall win and Enduro 2 honours, but Josep Garcia and Taylor Robert had a lot to smile about with Enduro 1 and Enduro 3 victory respectively.

One of the fastest riders in the event, Josep Garcia ended the first day sixth in Enduro 1 and 11th overall before moving to the top of the E1 classification as well as challenging for the overall individual win. 

Second in E1 on day two, he then topped the third and fourth days before putting in one of the most impressive final moto performances of any rider and ending his event as the best performing Enduro 1 class rider. 

“Doing so well in the ISDE last year in Spain I really wanted to do well again here in France – winning the Enduro 1 class was my goal,” told Garcia. “To have done that is amazing. 

“As always, it’s been a long and difficult week, but generally things went well for me. The dust during the first few days wasn’t too nice, but with the new tests during the third and fourth days I was able to really get a good feeling with the grass special tests. 

“It was disappointing that one of the Spanish trophy team had to retire from the event, after that I really pushed to try and win the overall as well as Enduro 1.” 


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Photo Credit: Andrea Belluschi/Future7Media

Taylor Robert showed exactly why he was the outright fastest rider at last year’s ISDE as he topped the Enduro 3 category in France by one-minute and 47 seconds. 

Starting the week off strongly with second in E3 and second outright, Taylor again finished as runner-up in E3 on days two and three before winning on days five and six and then placing second in his final day motocross race. 

“I’m really pleased with the way this year’s ISDE has panned out for me – to win the Enduro 3 class and get third overall is really cool,” said Robert. “Of course I'd hoped to win the overall like I did last year, but, hey, it wasn’t to be this year. 

“I had a couple of days that weren’t great, but generally things went really well. There’s still only ever been a handful of American’s who have won their class at the ISDE, so I’m really proud to be one of them. 

“It was tough to see Thad go out on day one, but the ISDE is a crazy race some times.”


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