The ISDE is not just about the Trophy teams battling for overall victory, it’s the hundreds of Club team riders competing that make the race so special.

Competing for the love of enduro, with the end of goal of simply reaching the finish line, for many the ISDE is a ‘must-do’ race. A year’s worth of savings, training and time goes into making the dream possible.

For this ISDE Focus we speak with Chile Club Team…

Czech Club Team Motorsport Bozkov live for enduro. More than a team, they are a big family with a strong passion for the sport and have been attending the ISDE since 2002. 

For them this event is a must in their calendar, it’s the Olympic Games of enduro racing. 

They are no novices in racing either with the European championship and Czech championship are always in their racing schedule. 

But even if they love enduro they find it difficult to train in their home ground due to riding restrictions, but they feel they compensate with motocross. 

“We are really attached to the sport, and even more to the ISDE. Competing as a team is such an experience. 

“I love team sports so its great fun for me,” says Lukáš Hádek. 

Even if here in Brive they are not finding the terrain that they were expecting, they all agree that the Six Days are being as good as always. 

“It is funny here because due to our race shirts being really similar to the French ones we get a lot of cheers from the locals. 

“One guy even gave me chocolate at the end of a special test,” laughed Milan Kurfiřt. 

With about 20 air filters to clean at the end of each day, Motorsport Bozkov are looking forward to the final day of racing in France.



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Igor Aguada
Staff Writer