Team Chile take centre stage at the opening ceremony for the 93rd edition of the International Six Days Enduro in Viña del Mar.

In typically Latin American style, the opening ceremony on Saturday afternoon here along the beach front in host city Viña del Mar, brought a spirited beginning the 93rd edition of this biggest event in enduro. The start of the opening test at the 2018 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Chile is just hours away. 


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If there was a prize for the most noise, then surely the host nation’s team Chile had it nailed. In front of a home crowd, riders, friends and family Team Chile were clearly loving being the host nation with Enduro Junior World Champion Ruy Barbosa leading the charge.


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Time to hand the trophies back

Traditionally the opening ceremony is also the last chance to parade hard-fought trophies from the previous ISDE edition. 

The French World and Junior Trophy Teams, triumphant on home soil in Brive, 2017, handed theirs back for another year with six-time winner, Christophe Nambotin proudly carrying the main trophy. Here in spirit with Team France, and taking centre stage with the team, was the shirt of Mathias Bellino.


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The six-times victorious Australian Women’s Trophy Team, one of nine Women’s team competing in Chile, also handed back their prize silverware which they will be keen to retain in just over one week’s time. Check out the suits…


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Numbers game

Squad goals award must go to Team USA who swamped the podium and did their fair share of noise making as they made their way along the Viña del Mar sea front. 

New rules for 2018 mean a four rider team will not be penalised if one rider drops out – as happened to Team USA Trophy Team in 2017. This year teams will drop a rider to give better chance to compete should one rider get injured or suffer a mechanical.


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The paddock area is bursting with life on the days leading up to the weekend and opening ceremony. With so many riders and teams making final preparations, taking team photos, checking bikes in, the general buzz is a huge part of what makes the ISDE such an awesome event.

300 air filters

Among the bustle and since dust is going to be such an issue during the Six Days, plenty of air filter oil prep was happening including Team Australia’s pit. The larger teams were prepping huge quantities of filters with Team USA taking top honours in this regard with a claimed 300 air filters oiled and ready to go!


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Bikes checked in, riders ready, test walked and the opening ceremony celebrated – it is time for the International Six Days Enduro to begin. The ninety-third FIM ISDE officially starts tomorrow, Monday November 12th, when almost 450 competitors from 25 nations will take on 275 kilometres of Chilean enduro tests.   


Photo Credit: G2F Media


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