Our day three digest live and direct from the International Six Days Enduro in Viña del Mar, Chile.


The order of day three at the 2018 ISDE in Chile was all about hot, hot, hot weather, a whole new set of tests (though still problems with dust) and a change in the overall lead.

Today we catch up with local boy Ruy Barbosa, runaway leader in the Women’s category Tayla Jones and overall leader Daniel Milner plus a word from the luckless Alex Salvini.


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Three quite separate tests brought three separate landscapes for riders on day three. Early morning in the cool air, the opening test at La Laja greeted riders to some water at last in a tight wooded valley which hid some tough rock sections. It was a tough early test for some as bent handlebars and broken levers weren’t in short supply and dust was a problem.

Almost desert conditions for test two and five which was hot and slick with some super-steep climbs and descents for the 11 minute plus riding.

The cross test (tests three and six) at Tabolango were different again in a pebbly, wide-open riverbed – loose as a goose on lap one for the head of the field but bedded in by lap two.

Like previous days, dust continued to be a factor also but as much on the transfers as anywhere. In the end the first test of lap two was cancelled because of the dusty conditions making it dangerous, which was a shame not least because the rocky riverbed was quite a spectacle to watch…


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Milner cooking on gas

Time to take a word from Daniel Milner who is pushing himself, Daniel Milner and Taylor Robert onto another level at this year’s ISDE. The conditions clearly suit the Aussies but finishing first or second during every test on day three speaks for itself. Milner has 37s on his team-mate Sanders in E3, 13s on Robert for the individual overall and leads team Australia to almost three and half minutes: “Actually today went really well for me.” Said Milner in parc ferme. “I ended up putting a bit of time on everyone. Today was actually cooking, I ended up cutting little holes in my short to let the air in.

“So long as we can keep doing what we’re doing it’ll be right. But it is tight between me Chucky and Taylor we’re really pushing each other and the test times are always within a few seconds of each other.”


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Highs and lows for Italy

We spoke to Team Italy’s Andrea Verona yesterday and collectively the Italians are stronger by the day. Verona finished the day fourth overall and leap-frogged his team-mate, Davide Guarneri to take the E1 class lead. The Italian Junior Trophy Team of EnduroGP regulars Verona, Matteo Cavallo and Davide Soreca are opening a gap on the Americans – Italy now lead by 3m:27s. France Juniors are third but sit nine minutes behind.


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The Italian World Trophy Team have been playing catch up since day one with the Davide Guarneri, Alex Salvini, Giacomo Redondi and Thomas Oldrati riding close to each other in the running order on test. They still sit third, six minutes behind the Aussies and three minutes behind USA but suffered a blow today when Alex Salvini’s fuel line popped off in a test which cost him almost nine minutes: “Today I had so many crashes, pretty much every test from the beginning to the last.” Said Salvini.

“At the last test I was riding and the bike stopped, died. I thought it was an electrical problem like the problem I had in the EnduroGP so I took the seat off and checked everything but it was alright. 

“So I put it back and started to check other places and as soon as I checked the fuel line the connection plug fell out. It was such an easy thing but the problem was I took so much time checking the electrics. It was just another thing with the bike in a year of these problems.”


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Barbosa taking it to the big boys on a 300 2T

Local boy getting the biggest support of all, Ruy Barbosa holds third overall behind Milner and Sanders on their big 500s. The 2018 World Youth 125 Champion has made the jump to a 300 Husky and is loving the experience on home soil: “I am really enjoying riding the 300, it is a new experience but it is a pleasure. But also for me the motivation is full, 100% because the crowd and the fans are cheering me all along 

“Today was a good day for me. I finished second in Junior and 12th overall which I am really happy about but it was a long day. Tomorrow I will push hard though to take the overall Junior lead.”


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At the half way stage of the ISDE, it is fair to say Tayla Jones is smashing it. The Australian team are over six minutes clear of the USA women and Jones has three minutes on Livia Lancelot individual which by any measure is a good opening half to the 2018 ISDE: “Overall things are going well.” Jones explains. “I’m riding well and I’m trying to stay off the ground as much as possible and obviously the team’s doing good so I’m happy.

“We had some dramas today on the fourth test. We started really close to the slower Trophy riders and it has caused a few issues with dust and catching them up. There was an uphill section coming out of a creek but as I went to go up a rider was coming down the other way and he smashed in to my hand. 

“So I lost a lot of time there but so did the other girls because of the steep hill so I can’t complain.”


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 Tomorrow, day five, riders will tackle the same 300kms route with two laps and, three tests – though test one and four will likely be modified due to the dust. (At time of writing the jury was literally still out). 



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