Day four’s International Six Days Enduro digest direct from Chile digs for the Australian Team’s secret to success and checks in with two riders pushing each up in the results as the week unfolds – Steward Baylor and Giacomo Redondi.


Unseasonably hot weather in Chile for November made the conditions on day four of the International Six Days Enduro another tough one for competitors. Almost 40 degrees we recorded. Scorchio.

It has reached that time in the ISDE week when the effort and length of the event starts to take its toll – riders look more bleary eyed in the mornings and trudge back from their bikes in parc ferme with a little less energy at the end of the day. 


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Day four repeated the day three tests in La Laja, la Gloria and Tablongo. The first test of the day at La Laja was cancelled (as it was yesterday afternoon) due to dust in the early morning still air. By midday the South American winds had picked up enough to move the dust and clear the air, allowing riders back on the test to make it five tests in total. 

It is the point in the week when you start to see riders around the paddock when they should be out riding - shout out at this point to Jaume Betriu who went out today with a suspected broken foot. 


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Milner showing the way

Truth is we weren’t going to talk to Daniel Milner today, we figured you’d heard enough from the runaway 2018 ISDE leader after four days. But then Daniel went and won every test and finished nearly 40 seconds clear of team-mate Daniel Sanders on the day. Milner now has almost a minute on Taylor Robert too.

We had to ask what is the secret? “I’m just enjoying it. I’m trying to do smooth and consistent laps and tests and it is working well. 

“We’ve been walking what we think we need to walk in the evenings just to check it out so we know where we’re going. We’re trying to find new lines on the tests which have got chopped out from a day’s racing already. 

“It paid off, it worked getting out of the rough stuff and trying to find some lines of our own.”


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Multi-national leaderboard

What’s good to see and clearly what’s great as a spectator and fan is to have the different nations battling it out so hard up the sharp end. Take a look at the top 20 and it reads Aussie, USA, Italy, France and bang in the middle of it all the local hero, Chilean Ruy Barbosa. These are the best riders in the world and that’s what makes the ISDE so awesome. 


time.check ISDE 2018 10268 Enduro21 840


Getting in the groove part I – Steward Baylor

Ryan Sipes left the parc ferme looking deflated, understandably after receiving a one minute penalty for being late to a check. His team continue to fight though and Steward Baylor lit the touch paper on day four, taking fourth overall in the individual rankings. explains: “I started off the week real bad with a crash in test one and hurt myself so all week long I’ve been struggling to find myself and get back in the groove. 

“Where I ride we have lots of wet dirt, lots of ruts and this terrain is nothing like we’re used to. This year the ISDE is definitely unique and it shows how different it is each year depending on who lays out the track and which country we’re in.”


steward.baylor ISDE 2018 08973 Enduro21 560


Getting in the groove part II – Giacomo Redondi

Speaking of Italians, it was sad to see a dejected Alex Salvini sat in service separated from his team-mates. His costly fuel pipe issue on day three bumped him well down the order, playing catch-up in the dust.

On the flip-side his team-mates continue to battle hard for the World Trophy podium. The Italian Trophy team sit just over three minutes behind USA and just under three minutes ahead of France. 

Giacomo Redondi has jumped on the 500cc Honda for the ISDE, a bike he’s not used to but the former World junior Champion has progressed each day like Baylor. Sitting sixth overall Redondi admits, “the problem is the f*cking fast Aussies! 

“It’s coming as the week goes on,” Giacomo says about his results. “I’m getting closer as the track gets rougher. With the big bike it is getting easier as the lines arrive more and I’m getting more used to it.

“It is just a shame with the stupid mistake with Salvini yesterday it could have been 10 seconds to fix but it took so long. But, this is racing.”


giacomo.redondi ISDE 2018 10901 Enduro21 560


Richards and Lancelot taking it to Jones

Women’s Trophy Teams seem to have settled into their respective positions at this point in the ISDE. It is hard to see things changing at the top of the table with Australian women extending their lead with every day and decent gaps between America in second and Spain in third. On day four Brandy Richards’ and Livia Lancelot fought Tayla Jones all the way with the trio clear of the field and finishing within 10 seconds of each other after the five tests and almost an hour racing.


brandy.richards ISDE 2018 10859 Enduro21 560


Day four saw the start of the Vintage Trophy races. It must be said the class isn’t heavily populated, just 11 riders started the day – eight of which are a dedicated gang of German riders – and 10 remain in the competition with Swen Schiller leading the way. 


vintage ISDE 2018 10279 Enduro21 560


Day five at the 2018 ISDE will compete 283 kilometres and a scheduled six enduro tests and six time checks, three per lap. Two of the tests are new at El Aromo (should smell nice at least) and La Piedra. The La Gloria test from days three and four will run again but with changes. 



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Jon Pearson
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