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Our digest from day five at the International Six Days Enduro 2018 in Chile – we get stuck into some stats, dare to say who’s going to win, plus catch up with Brandy Richards and Sandra Gomez making the switch from Extreme Enduro. 


It is impossible not to say at this stage the Australian Trophy team, Australian Women’s team, as well as Daniel Milner and Tayla Jones have this in the bag. Of course, there is a small matter of the final day motocross test to get through and sure, the sandy test could cause problems for any rider. 

But Australia have seven and a half minutes on USA heading into the final day, the Women have almost nine minutes. The only doubt potentially is the Australian Trophy team have been running on three cylinders most the week after Lyndon Snodgrass went out having neglected to tighten his sump plug. They cannot afford either rider to have an issue.


giacomo.redondi ISDE 2018 12246 Enduro21 560


MX test scores to settle

Some riders will have a point to prove in the MX test on Saturday. Giacomo Redondi, for example, has expressed his eagerness for the MX race and a final chance this ISDE get a win over the “f*cking fast Aussies.”

He’s not the only one. Taylor Robert has pushed and pushed all week and by his own admission is, “kind bummed” to not be winning.” But the motocross test can be, “kinda chaotic so I’m gonna try to get the holeshot and get out front and stay out of trouble.”


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Stats attack

We’ve been looking at some stats and doing some counting: Daniel Milner has won 18 of 28 tests overall this week in Chile, plus 22 from 28 in E3. No-one’s going to topple Johnny Aubert’s win record of 40 from 44 E2 test wins in Mexico 2010. Even so, whatever the outcome tomorrow, Milner has nailed the hats on the best enduro riders in the world in Chile this week. 


aubert ISDE 2010 Enduro21 560


Tight, tight, tight times

One of today’s most remarkable facts, for us at least, was how goddam tight the times were. Between Thomas Oldratti in fifth through to Cris Guerrero in 14thplace, the times are all within seconds, often fraction of a second of each other. 


cristobal.guerrero ISDE 2018 11503 Enduro21 560


Total test times day 5, 5th through 14th:

5th Thomas Oldratti 1:01:37
6th Davide Guarneri 1:01:38
7th Alex Salvini 1:01:42
8th Giacomo Redondi 1:01:44
9th Victor Guerroro 1:01:46
10th Matteo Cavallo 1:01:49
11th Josh Strang 1:01:50
12th Grant Baylor 1:01:54
13th Ruy Barbosa 1:01:54
14th Cris Guerrero 1:01:55


Check out how many of those are Italian. This is on tests of eight, 11 and 10 minutes in length respectively (fastest riders) ridden twice. To see the riders are still knocking out fully committed times this close at this stage of the ISDE is every indication you should need of their commitment and their desire to beat the next rider.


thomas.oldrati ISDE 2018 11124 Enduro21 560


Crowd pleasers

The new tests today seemed popular with riders speaking after the bike check-in. It was a day for riding through the trees with test one beginning in a typical Eucalyptus plantation and ending in a pretty vineyard region. 

The crowds have been scarce it must be said at times this week but the tight trails through tests three and six were packed into steep narrow gullies with steep banking giving the crowd something to cheer about. We expect more tomorrow, Saturday, at the beach MX test.  


chile ISDE 2018 crowd Enduro21 560


Battle for Junior honours

Italian Junior team have had a strong week’s performance on day five at the ISDE. The team consists a trio of Enduro World Championship hotshots – Matteo Cavallo, Andrea Verona and Davide Soreca and like the other Trophy teams, chances are they have this in the bag.

That said the American Juniors pulled almost a minute back on them on day five and sure won’t be giving up in a hurry. 


ben.kelley ISDE 2018 11019 Enduro21 560


Brandy looking good on day 5

Brandy Richards has broken the Tayla Jones stranglehold on the Women's results by taking the day five individual win. 

“I kind of struggled a bit at the start of the week,” says Brandy after day five bike check. “I got a little bit better in the middle of the week and it’s just been progressing every day and today I rode real good and didn’t have any real mistakes. I’ve been working on my consistency and minimising the mistakes that’s the deal.”

Jones has taken 14 of the 28 tests but Richards has kept her honest with nine test wins and sits 2m:44s behind. 


brandy.richards ISDE 2018 12332 Enduro21 560


Hard Enduro, Trials, now the ISDE

For someone drafted in to replace Laia Sanz and a certainly for a rider we’re more used to seeing on a trials bike or at Extreme Enduro, Sandra Gomez has been a breath of fresh air competing at the ISDE.

Despite whacking herself in the eye with a tyre changer, Sandra sits sixth overall and part of the Spanish team currently holding third position.

“Since the first day I was really thinking, Wow! I didn’t expect to be so fast so I am very happy and proud of myself. 

“It is not my kind of race and I didn’t practice too much either because I am here since Laia is not here basically. 

“I make some mistakes in some places and slower than the other girls at the front of this class but I am a Hard Enduro rider. I am finding I’m better when we arrive at the test the first time because I am used to riding where I can see, maybe the other riders get faster when they know the test.

“But I am really happy riding in the team. We are riding together, working together, thinking together and we are so happy to be on the podium position.”


sandra.gomez ISDE 2018 11886 Enduro21 560


Day five of the 2018 International Six Days Enduro is done already? How did that go so quick? 

Day six is the by now traditional motocross test situated on the beach near to Concon, just outside Vina del Mar. Riders run through reverse order with club riders first, through Vintage, Women and Trophy riders.  



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Jon Pearson
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