Results feed: ISDE 2018 – Day 6

Results from day six of the 2018 International Six Days Enduro, Chile – the final day, the final test. 


The 2018 ISDE is over and the scores on the doors show a dominant performance from Australia in the World Trophy, Women’s World Trophy, individual men’s and women’s resutls.

Daniel Milner wrapped up a superb week as Australian team leader and overall winner, compatriot Tayla Jones matched him all the way with her performance leading the Women’s Trophy and individual classes. 

Team USA might be disappointed with not going home holding the team win in any category, but they should be applauded for their consistency in finishing second in all the major team classes. The Italian senior team finished third in World Trophy class.

The Italian Juniors wrapped up a storming week to top the Junior World Trophy class ahead of USA with the French Juniors third.

The Spanish Women’s team deserve credit also for their third placed finish and not forgetign Moto Club Italy for their Club team winning performance...

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