2020 FIM ISDE officially announced in Italy

Late summer Italy date for 2020 FIM International Six Days Enduro (ISDE).


As revealed on Enduro21 in October, the 2020 International Six Days Enduro will be held in Northern Italy, the FIM has announced. The FMI's (Italian Motorcycling Federation) will take on the 95th edition of the ISDE in 2020 with Moto Club Alfieri as organising club.

The exact dates are still being defined, but the FIM says the 2020 Six Days will take place "between the end of August and the beginning of September, over the Piedmont and Lombardy regions of Northern Italy." 

The Italian teams had a fantastic 2018 FIM ISDE in Chile taking the FIM Junior World Trophy,  third place in the FIM World Trophy and Club Team Award – plus individual class results including Andrea Verona winning E1.

Moto Club Alfieri will organise the event in collaboration with other FMI clubs, and they are already working to prepare for the event. The Six Days will be making its return to Italy (after the 2013 edition in Sardinia) in an area with a strong Enduro tradition.

As we reported, the 2020 event will likely run from Oltrepò Pavese near to Pavia in North, Western Italy. The MXGP track of Ottobiano is close by and is strong location for some test action during the Six Days.


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Jorge Viegas, FIM President says: “Italy has a lot of experience in the organisation of the FIM ISDE, as the country will be hosting the competition for the ninth time since its origin in 1913. Italy’s experience and affection for Enduro is a guarantee of success for the 94th edition!”

Giovanni Copioli, FMI President said: “I am really proud, both as president and as a passionate motorcycle fan, that the FIM ISDE will return to Italy. 

“Six Days is a unique competition because of its history and the challenge between national teams. Furthermore, after the victories in Chile, there is a lot of enthusiasm. Congratulations to the Moto Club Alfieri!”

Franco Gualdi, FMI Enduro Committee Coordinator said: “In our country there is a lot of passion for Enduro. The organisation of a second edition of the ISDE in Italy within just a few years’ time bears witness to this. Six Days is a great event for hundreds of enthusiastic amateur riders who will surely come to Italy. Moto Club Alfieri and the other clubs have a lot of experience and expertise to organise this big event.”

Giorgio Bandoli, Moto Club Alfieri President, said: “We are very proud and excited to organise the 2020 FIM ISDE. In 2015 we had the idea of asking to host the Six Days and now we are already working very hard on it. We are enjoying a great collaboration with other clubs.”


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