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Closing date for pre-registration of entries to the 2019 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) in Portimao, Portugal fast approaching on March 30.


The likelihood is if you’re racing or intend to compete in the 2019 International Six Days Enduro in Portugal this November then you are already signed up. But in case you’re not on the ball (or if you’re team manager needs a kick in the backside) the closing dates for entries to the world’s biggest Enduro event is March 30.

The FIM and Portuguese organisers have some guidelines depending on which part of the globe you are coming from. In a statement from the FIM, details for entries, dates and procedure is as follows...

Entries for riders from rest of the world federations (outside of Portugal):

World Trophy, World Junior Trophy and World Women Trophy Teams, if appropriate must be registered directly by their National Motorcycling Federation.

Federations have to complete the relevant entry form before the pre-registration closing date along with a mandatory deposit of 25% of the registration fee.


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Riders from the Federação Motociclismo Portugal (FMP):

The club should indicate the number of teams it wants to register by sending an email to: fmp@fmp-live.pt – this must be accompanied by a mandatory deposit of 25% of the registration fee. 

Unfortunately, no individual rider registrations will be allowed, this is reserved for teams only.

Club Team Award category:

Please contact your National Motorcycling Federation.

Club Teams / riders (priority given to complete teams of 3 riders) must register with their National Motorcycling Federation before the pre-registration closing date. Federations must then complete the pre-registration form before the pre-registration closing date. Federations will receive on 7 April, by e-mail the number of teams accepted for each nation with a user name and a password to allow them to fill in the entry form for each rider.

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Confirmation of selected teams will be announced on April 7, 2019

At the end of the first phase, depending on the number of pre-registrations, Club Teams will be informed about the selection of their team(s) by their National Motorcycling Federation. 

The National Motorcycling Federation must then pay the relevant 25% deposit of registration fee relating to the number of Club Teams confirmed. At this stage, each National Motorcycling Federation will be asked to fill the detailed information about the team(s) and riders as soon as is possible to do so.

Final entry phase from May 1 to September 30, 2019

Each National Motorcycling Federation must pay the remaining 75% of the registration fee for all Teams as confirmed on April 7. The National Motorcycling Federation must have fully completed the entry form and details about team(s) and riders as soon as is possible to do so, and before 30 September.


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Entry procedure for 2019 Enduro Vintage Trophy

Riders wishing to compete in the Enduro Vintage Trophy (EVT) can register directly via the entry form.

To confirm their registration, riders must complete the entry form and proceed to payment of their registration fee. More than one rider can register on the same account. The EVT will be limited to 150 riders, on a first entered basis.

Riders and teams with any questions, contact the ISDE Portugal organisers: ISDE2019@autodromodoalgarve.com


More information: fim-isde.com


Photo credit: Future7Media/Andrea Belluschi
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