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ISDE 2019: World Enduro legends return for Vintage Trophy Team in Portugal 

Three Italian Enduro Legends Stefano Passeri, Mario Rinaldi and Giovanni Sala set to race Vintage Veterans Trophy at the ISDE in Portugal.


The 2019 International Six Days Enduro in Portugal has much to look forward in November including the Vintage Veterans Trophy staged across the last four days of in the Algarve.

A new competition for national teams within the Vintage Trophy classes will see Italy field a team of legends of our sport: Stefano Passeri, Mario Rinaldi and Giovanni Sala. 

Set to wear the infamous “Maglia Azzurra” blue Italian national jersey, the three pilots competed together in 2005 (pictured below) and hold a stack of national, international and ISDE trophies between them. 

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Stefano Passeri has four Six Days medals to his name (three Trophies and one Vase) as well as four European Championships, will race a KTM 250 from 1981: “Returning to racing together was the key that convinced us to participate, despite some physical problems. Finding again the sensations and memories will be exciting; compared to the past we will be more attentive to risks, but surely we will not pull back when we have to turn the throttle.”

Mario Rinaldi took four Six Days titles with Italy plus four World Championships and will race a 350 KTM from 1981: “I’m worried because despite my 53 years old, I've never raced with this kind of bike! For our part there is great expectation because during this event we will relive the atmosphere and the sporting spirit of the years gone by. The first objective is to have fun even if, being drivers, we will do our best to be stronger than our rivals.”

Giovanni Sala will race a 1979 KTM 250 and arrives also with four Six Days trophies plus of course his five World Championship medals: “Years later we have been called back to compete again and this makes us really happy. We will have fun giving the maximum and we hope to be able to give fans what they expect. It is not yet possible to say how hard the race will be, but certainly we will try to make sure that technique compensates for any physical difficulties we might have!”


The Vintage Veterans Trophy is a national team competition made up of three pilots with a minimum age of 50 years. The team members - chosen by the national Federations - will have to compete on vehicles registered in at least two of the four categories entered in the Vintage Trophy (except for the Evo 86). 


Photo Credit: Dario Agratti + Future7Media
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