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KTM Rally Toby Price Bivouac Morocco 2016

Our next few days are going to be like being back at school as we take a leap into the world of rally. 

Red Bull KTM Rally Team have rang the bell, called the register and will sit us down classroom style to study the ways of rally racing.

We’ll be learning how to read road books and most importantly how to work a road book. We'll be figuring out what all those goddam buttons are for, what those funny little pictures mean and why rally racers spend so much time sitting down with colouring pens?!

Yeah, this really will be a back-to-school experience. 

150778 Toby Price KTM 450 RALLY Atacama 2016

Thankfully it’s not all about the classroom though, we’ll be going out to play too - putting theory into practice at Les Comes in Spain, which is about as good a rally playground as you’ll find in mainland Europe.

And it’s all happening under the watchful eye of Sam Sunderland, Mathias Walkner and Jordi Viladoms. No pressure then.

So we’re throwing this one out to you guys too. What do you want to know about? 

If you’ve got a burning question about rally and road books, we’ll ask it. Just post a question in the Facebook comment section of this post. Simples…