electric rally bike dakar Arnaud Jacquard 1080

Rally is tough enough, so would you want to race it on an electric bike? 

In the Africa Eco Race Frenchman Arnaud Jacquard is doing exactly that.

Attempting to race the near 10,000 kilometres from Monaco in France to Dakar in Senegal he certainly likes a challenge.

Competing on what appears to a heavily modified Yamaha WR450F chassis, Jacquard is the definition of what rally and adventure is all about.

electric rally bike dakar Arnaud Jacquard 800

Starting stage 3 Jacquard remarked…

“We slept 2:30. The departure of the special is at 8:00. The batteries are charged at 50%, I do not know how to finish the special which is very long today. I think I will arrive very late. 

“Tomorrow's first dunes in southern Morocco, the biggest, the moment of truth approach, the autonomy of my motorcycle will it be enough to cover more than 120km?

How he plans to keep his batteries recharged in the middle of the African desert we’re not so sure, but we’re wishing him all the luck in the world.

electric rally bike dakar Arnaud Jacquard 1600