As the current leader of the Africa Eco Race, Isreali 18-year-old Gev Sella is receiving some serious praise from rally legends like Jean Louis Schlesser and Pal Anders Ullevalseter.

Bursting onto the rally scene in this year’s Africa Eco Race, he’s become the youngest ever stage winner of a rally. And with four days to go in the rally, he’s on track to win it too.

The young Israeli’s composure, competitiveness and potential has led Ullevalseter to remark the following after a heavy day of dune riding and navigation…

“I am 50 years old but today, with what this kid has done, took me 20 years more. I had no particular problems and he took me over 20 minutes. 

“It is incredible because I see his marks and on the jumps for example, I have to admit he goes further than what I can do. His trajectories are clean and he makes no mistakes in terms of navigation. It will be hard to fight with him.”

With his father acting as mechanic and his mother helping with road book marking it truly is a family affair.

We wait to see if the rally’s arrival in Dakar will create yet another piece of history and put Sella on the rally map…