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Photo Credit: Marcin Kin

This week at the Rally of Morocco marks the final proper shakedown before Dakar 2018 and KTM have rolled out their new 450 — in black.

Morocco always brings something new to the table, last year we saw Yamaha show up with their new 450 and now this year KTM.

Naturally enough there’s not any details on what’s new and what’s not, just that it’s new. 

KTM haven’t really drastically updated their rally bike for the past couple of seasons, we’re guessing that’s because they haven’t been beaten.

But we do guess that to stay ahead of the pack you got to stay on top of your game, and with Honda and Yamaha bridging the gap to them, it’s now time for something new.

Dressed is black, she certainly looks cool sitting in the Moroccan Desert, but come Dakar no doubt she’ll be dressed orange.

Nice though…


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