After a very early morning waking up at 4am, all participants had to take the road by night for a 429 kilometres liaison with the crossing of the border. 

The 10th edition of the Africa Eco Race continues its journey in Mauritania, where a first leg ending in the dunes after 211 kilometres.

All the vehicles were able to reach Mauritania this morning without any trouble. A very good organisation saw competitors with time to rest once they got to the start of the leg two hours before the race. 

The route gave way to off-piste and sand. Leaving Boulanouar, the competitors quickly joined the mine's railway before arriving at a succession of off-piste tracks. 

A crossing of dunes just before the arrival gave them a little taste of what will wait for them in the coming days and especially tomorrow with the marathon stage.


africa eco race dakar rally enduro21 1

Photo Credit: Rally Cool!

Rally rookie Oliveira impresses

In the motorcycles, Luis Oliveira (POR / YAMAHA) continues to impress by being the fastest on stage six. 

He won in 1h50'2" followed by Paolo Ceci (ITA / KTM) and Pal Anders Ullevalseter (NOR / KTM).

“I drove quietly behind the guys then I accelerated to attack midway and managed to pass them just before the arrival,” told Oliveira. “The sand in the dunes was very soft, I still could learn today with this first Mauritanian leg.”

The three men, who started with a two minute gap at the start, came out of the last dune almost together. The Mauritanian fight is launched. 

“It was almost like last year, I drove fast on the whole stage and I'm happy to ride with Pal and Luis,” told race leader Ceci. 

“Tomorrow it will be complicated, we will have to ride carefully without damaging the bike in the marathon event, and of course, not get lost.”


africa eco race dakar rally enduro21 2

Photo Credit: Rally Cool!

“It was nice today, very fast all the way and not complicated in navigation. Tomorrow it will be very difficult, I hope nobody will get through but me!,” said Ullevalseter.

Also a nice performance for Dmitry Agoshkov (RUS / KTM) who by finishing fourth, proved that he is in the game when he has no mechanical problem. 

Finally, the first driver in + 450cc category is the young Marius Hermersen (NOR / KTM), one of the two “pupils” of Master Ullevalseter, coach of the year in Norway.


RESULTS 6th Stage : Dakhla / Chami : 650km 

Car / Truck:  1. Mathieu Serradori / Fabian Lurquin n°202 (FRA) 01 :27 :26  2. Vladimir Vasilyev / Konstantin Zhiltsov n°201 (RUS) + 00 :02 :21  3. Guillaume Gomez / François Borsotto n°207 (FRA) +Moto :04 :32 

Bike:  1. Luis Miguel Anjos Oliveira n°114 (POR) 01 :50 :26  2. Paolo Ceci n°101 (ITA) + 00 :02 :12  3. Pal Anders Ullevalseter n°100 (NOR) + 00 :04 :14



Car / Truck:  1. Vladimir Vasilyev / Konstantin Zhiltsov n°201 (RUS) 18 :57 :40  2. Mathieu Serradori / Fabian Lurquin n°202 (FRA) + 00 :14 :14  3. Pascal Thomasse / Pascal Larroque n°206 (FRA) + 01 :29 :48 

Bike:  1. Paolo Ceci n°101 (ITA) 23 :36 :51  2. Luis Miguel Anjos Oliveira n°114 (POR) + 00 :56 :48  3. Rui Oliveira n°115 (POR) + 02 :56 :54

Provisional results, subject to changes in ranking after jury deliberation