Toby Price wins 2018 Tatts Finke Desert Race and is crowned King of the Desert for the sixth time in nine years in Alice Springs.


Price managed to seal the win despite falling off his bike with 100 kilometres to go. Taking victory after a 1h57m39.5s journey back from Finke the Red Bull KTM racer crossed the line over 10 minutes ahead of Alice Spring’s David Walsh in second place.

“2010 was a surprise and who would have thought we’d be here celebrating number six today,” Price said after the race.

“I love coming back to Finke and playing in the red dirt, it’s always a good time.

“We’re pumped to have got another win... David made it pretty hard for us and we definitely had to push on the way home because from where David came from yesterday, I thought he was definitely going to push today.

“We tried to push hard but the track was brutal and we had an off at the 100km mark, which rattled us a little bit and scratched the helmet up. I’ve got a bit of a sore neck, but we’re here, we’re happy and I haven’t got a bad time so I can’t complain.”


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The win was sweet solace to Price after recording a DNF in his trophy truck earlier in teh day, putting an end to his promising ‘Iron Man Double’ campaign.

“Unfortunately we blew a power steering pump,” Price explained.

“I’m a pretty big guy but it would have wrecked my bike race if I had tried to wheel the truck back, so we had to park the truck on the side of the track and chopper our way back to Finke and set out to try and win for the sixth time out here.”


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Local rider, David Walsh in second was all out of energy at the finish line in Alice Springs but was happy to make the podium after a gruelling weekend. The KTM rider was greeted by a huge cheer from family and local fans.


2018 Tatts Finke Desert Challenge results:

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