Video: 2019 Dakar Rally route revealed

Video preview of the official route for the 2019 Dakar Rally in Peru.


Details of the 2019 Dakar Rally are being revealed in Paris today, November 27, at the official launch at the Peruvian embassy.

The 10 stages in Peru, beginning with the opening ceremony on January 6, features just one marathon stage next year (no overnight assistance from crews) leading to the rest day on January 12.  

A LOT of sand will also be a major factor for riders during the rally as it heads from Peruvian capital, Lima, south as far as Tacna before heading back north for the finish in Lima once more on January 17. 

The second half of the rally will feature a mass start on stage nine. In total the 2019 Dakar will cover 5000km, 3000km of which are special stages.

Dakar Rally 2019 route video preview:



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