Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing's Andrew Short shares his view on life and racing in this second episode of the Scott Vision Series.

Just five-years-old when he started riding, Andrew Short turned pro at the age of 17. One year later, 'Shorty' made racing his living and after a long and extremely successful MX and SX career spanning over 17 years, the Colorado native decided to retire.

Retirement didn't mean the end to Andrew's motorcycling of course and after enjoying some offroad and trail riding he started to look at the world of cross-country rallying. When an opportunity came up with the Factory Husky team, Short grabbed it with both hands.

The transition wasn't as straightforward as you might think - rally riders are a different breed, often dicing with danger and even death - but the rewards make up for it.

"I knew those guys played with fire, but what was so cool about rallying is that it wasn't just one-dimensional. There's the navigating and you have to be smart with your bike day after day. It's kind of like climbing Everest for motorcycles."

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