Yamaha Motor Europe re-structure for 2019 – new role for Kowalski

Alexandre Kowalski takes on Yamaha Motor Europe Off-Road Racing Manager role – Rally and Motocross remain the two supported competition disciplines.


Industry news from Yamaha Motor Europe who announce a re-structure of their “Racing Management Organisation” to improve the off-road support and management “pyramid”.

Chiefly Alexandre Kowalski takes on a new role at the top of that pyramid, as Yamaha Motor Europe Off-Road Racing Manager, leading the Motocross and Rally teams. 

How does that affect us in Enduro? Not as much as it would have done when Yamaha ran an official factory race team, that’s for sure! The unofficial enduro world championship team, Johansson MPE Yamaha Racing Enduro GP team, still has support and communication with Yamaha Europe but stands very much as the unofficial Yamaha world level team. 

Kowalski brings two decades of experience as Marketing and Racing Division Manager in Yamaha Motor France and for the last five years managing Yamaha Motor Europe’s Rally and Enduro programmes.

A restructuring of the race teams is expected with Outsiders Yamaha expected to take up the position of official rally team this season ahead of the Dakar Rally 2020. 

The other bit of news is current YME MX Racing Manager, Erik Eggens, remains in charge of MX racing operations, with Thorsten Lentink joining the team as Racing Coordinator. Thorsten will have the responsibility to focus on the EMX and Supported Team activities as well as ensuring the smooth running of the off-road bLU cRU programme.

Photo credit: Yamaha Racing
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